CUSTOMpine Raw Particleboard

Carcass White STD & MR Particleboard available in Matt and Texture finish. Both Panel and Shelving are products available.

CUSTOMpine raw particleboard

CUSTOMpine particleboard is available in numerous sizes and thicknesses starting at 9mm to 33mm. CUSTOMpine has no distinct grain direction, allowing for the product to be consistent in strength and appearance, while being easy to work with.

The particleboard is pre-sanded, making it ready to be painted or laminated, in addition to being available in two grades - standard and moisture resistant substrates - which are ideal for cabinetry.

Features & Benefits

CUSTOMpine moisture resistant substrates should be used in applications which are subject to high humidity or moisture, such as bathroom vanities and kitchen cupboards.


CUSTOMpine meets Australian Standard AS/NZS 1859.1:2004 - Particleboard.

Formaldehyde emission meets E1 standard requirement of <1.5mg/L when tested in accordance with Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4266.16:2004 Method of test 16: Formaldehyde emission - Desiccator method. E0 CUSTOMpine (<0.5mg/L) is also available.

E1 and E0 CUSTOMpine board are eligible to earn points under the Indoor Environment Quality section of the Green Star Office Interiors Program.